Welcome to the Last Commune! The wild land, which never recovered after the death of the Soviet Union: most people left their native land, fertile fields are not cultivated, forests and meadows swallowed up the abandoned and destroyed infrastructure, inherited from the once great country. Only a few remained to survive in this harsh place. And a few of the rest are ready to help their countrymen. You are one of them! Get behind the wheel of one of the Soviet SUVs and help people in a difficult situation. And remember: if you survive, the Last Commune will survive.

  • Open game world – You are free to go wherever you want and do what you want: explore the Commune, complete tasks, collect supplies or steal them from local residents and much more;
  • Randomly generated jobs – An infinite number of options for what the residents of the Commune need: tasks for transportation of resources, delivery of supplies or the search for necessary things;
  • Dynamic change of weather and time of day – you never know what awaits you in a few minutes – rain with thunderstorms, heavy fog or clear sunny weather;
  • Needs simulation – You need to take food and water, monitor your health, and also, at least sometimes, have a healthy sleep;
  • Legendary Soviet “passenger” SUVs, each with a unique set of characteristics and a special driving character;
  • Car wear and fuel consumption, depending on their load and technical condition;
  • Reputation system – Your actions determine the attitude of the residents of the Commune to you and the prices for goods and services;
  • Simulation of supplies and dynamically changing range of products – in the shops and in the residents of the Commune, things that they want to sell, and their quantity, periodically change;
  • Quest navigation with a compass – GPS does not work in the Last Commune, try to determine the location of the current task by compass.