VR Darts is a virtual reality e-sports game for darts enthusiasts focused on realism.

  • Play one of the following game types : 501, 301, Around the World.
  • Play darts local against AI or your own best performance.
  • Play darts against your friends or against darters all over the world using online multiplayer.
  • Play darts in one of 2 locations : Dart Stand and Dart Cafe.
  • Improve your throwing skills using our Training board or by a practise session (finishing or any game type).
  • Compare yourself with others by ranking on our global leaderboards for rating (ELO based), 3 dart average, out percentage or number of darts thrown.
  • Try to unlock all of our 60+ darts focused achievements.
  • Configure your dart ‘physics behaviour’ to optimize your throwing experience.