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This game will provide students and scientists tools for brain anatomy studies.

Why this game in brain studies?

We have learned about humans have the most intelligent brain among animals. The human brain has been evolved from a rodent-like animal, which were in particular similar to rats. Rodents brains are a powerful tool for humans brain studies, because a lot of structure and connectivity are in common.

100 million mice are sacrificed in USA laboratories every year. This game is designed for students for brain anatomy studies or brain studies scientists. This game brings the real training without sacrificing real life of rats or mouse. Lastly, this training can be played in any place and any time with very low cost.

  • Rat Brain Tissue Experience
  • Rat Brain Experience
  • Rat Whole Brain Experience
  • Right Hemisphere of the Rat Brain Experience
  • Hippocampus tissue Experience
  • 18-20 days Pregnant Rat Experience
  • Postnatal Day 0-1 Rat Pup Experience