The world is about to explode.

Relations between the USA and the USSR are getting worse and all nations are preparing for a possible third world war. “TALIS”, young elite soldier of the A.S.A is sent for an INTEL-RECO mission on an island which the CIA has indicated knowledge of terrorist activities. The terrorist group named BONIS MUNDI, responding to the orders of a certain QUADRA, might have developed a weapon greatly surpassing the atomic bomb. TALIS is far from expecting what he will discover. An adventure that will change the course of his life and war in general.

Time Squared is an open-world FPS game in which you’ll fight an army composed of different types of enemies. The world is set in a dozen different environments that you can explore on foot or driving the infamous “FENEC-081”. From handguns to snipers, you will have a variety of weapons at your disposal to kill the enemy.

Time Squared has been developed by two guys that are very passionate and will do everything to make Time Squared’s players happy ! If you want to talk to us for any reason, just message us on Discord.