When vicious and brutal aliens arrived at a town on the western frontier, you, as a federal sheriff, were ordered to head there and investigate. With the shadow of night hanging over the small town, you will encounter aliens with advanced technology, as well as their earthling minions equipped with stealth devices. Make good use of these alien devices and your weapons of justice to defeat the aliens and villains, and save the darkness-covered town!

  • Western-Style FPS Action Meets High-Tech Alien Gear: Wield controllers to use up to ten types of western firearms and over a dozen interactive items in the game with real actions. Use your expert shooting skills combined with high-tech alien equipment such as laser blades to destroy your enemies hiding in the darkness.
  • Immersive Stealth Battles: You and your enemies both have stealth equipment – you cannot see each other, but the moon can reveal your shadows and your voice will expose your position. Act with caution and use your vision and hearing to find the enemy hiding in the darkness and seize victory.
  • Multiple Battle Modes: In addition to solo games, you can also invite friends to fight side-by-side with you against two enemies.
  • Multiple Maps Reveal the Town’s Style: Bar, church, cemetery – moving freely and fighting in each different map is a different experience, giving you a complete view of the western town.
  • Realistic Scenes with Interactive Elements make for a True VR Experience: Stay Silent is a western-themed FPS game that makes full use of the possibilities offered by VR. Step into realistic scenes and interact with a variety of elements. Different interactions may lead to different effects, which will affect the battle.