Find your adventure, talk to everyone, do quests (no markers or maps – you need to read!) and come to your own conclusions. Discover new areas and make new friends. Solve puzzles, unlock mini-games, build your own in-game home, maybe even have a philosophical epiphany. Reading and exploration are key to progressing.

  • Find Your Adventure! – Speakerman 2 features a massive open world with fun locations, characters and quests. Reading and exploration are key to progressing. The more quests you finish – the more powers you get. And with those powers – the more new locations you can access!
  • Talk to Everybody! – Almost all of the characters you’ll encounter in Speakerman 2 have extensive dialogue and unique personalities. Some are quirky and fun, others – spiritual, profound, troubled. Influence as many as you can, make new friends and change their world.
  • Challenging Platforming! – It’s up to you to unlock your inner superhero! The more you progress – the bigger challenges you’ll encounter. Tricky jumps, puzzles and hidden areas to blast your way into await.
  • Collect-a-Thon! – Mysterious Coins are scattered all over the city of Metropolis and it’s surrounding areas. Collect them all for the ultimate completion! Some will be tricky to get! Only through solving quests, puzzles and exploration.
  • Retro Graphics! – Speakerman 2 is designed to resemble an early 90’s PC game. If you like pixels, minimalism and vivid, abstract visuals – this is your game!
  • Build a Home! – After collecting a certain amount of Coins you’ll unlock your very own home in Metropolis! Make your own personalized retro living space by adding furniture and blocks wherever you like!