The RAGE 2: Deluxe Edition gives you:

  • Rise of the Ghosts Expansion. Available by 12.31.2019
  • Doom BFG
  • Wasteland Wizard Cheat Codes
  • Battle Standard
  • Progress Booster

Enter a world where no society, order, or laws exist. RAGE is back, and the sequel has two immense powerhouses behind it which are bound to make it an unforgettable experience.

Avalanche Studios, the gods of open-world titles, and id Software, the studio that makes epic first-person shooters have come together to create RAGE 2, which is a festival of insanity, carnage, violence, and fun. Go where ever you want to, kill whatever you want to, and make everything explode. This dystopian world is your violent playground, so go and entertain yourself in the craziest ways possible.

Since an asteroid fell and destroyed 80% of humanity, the number of people that roam the Earth is rapidly decreasing. Cunning and violent gangs roam around the place, and the powerful but merciless Authority wants to rule over everything with an iron fist. The last Ranger of this barren wasteland, Walker, had his home taken from him. Everyone thinks he’s dead, but he’s very alive and very hellbent on taking revenge on the ones who did him wrong. Insane vehicle combat, intense first-person gameplay, and a huge open-world filled with all kinds of enemies to slaughter and weapons to help you do it, all of this await you in RAGE 2.