Phantasma is surreal dark-comedy RPGMaker game set in alternate-reality American city, it heavily satirizesa and critiques our current manic times.

A story-driven tale of rebellious youth, life in a dystopian society and growing up struggling through the eyes of a sassy and empathic young girl who – after a surreal series of a events ends up becoming enemy of the state in a belligerently corrupt local goverment ran by the diabolical maniac “Mr. Mayor” who’s creating a machine to manifest people’s nightmare creatures into reality.

  • Over four hours of Main Story mission and estimated 20+ hours with side quests included, plenty of edn-game content to digest!
  • 20+ unlockable playable characters.
  • Each unlockable character comes with their own unique quest.
  • Hidden content, tons of easter eggs, references and secrets to find in every nook and cranny for hard-core completionist.
  • Wild&Unique desgin aesthetic.
  • Psychological managment.
  • Interactive environments – almost everything can be inspected/tinkered with.
  • Unique and entertaining voice-acted dialogue from every NPC.
  • Pet many cats!
  • Explore life in dystopian city with many stories, dangers and secrets.
  • Music by kwwrr, Cephalosapien, The Bumkeys, Xenon and a few suprise musical guests!