Sharks are scary, even without jetpacks and frickin’ lasers. Conquer your fear by fending off masses of bloodthirsty sharks. Enjoy the satisfying carnage that somehow manages to get even more overboard by the minute.

  • Stab, blend, and explode hordes of sharksMake a blood mess as you blow them to pieces with a cannon ball or chop them up with a propellor.
  • Upgrade to increasingly ridiculous gadgetsGo from measly spearguns to laser-guided bazookas and more. Scavenge for new weapons from the belly of the beasts. Increase your mobility by picking up propellors and even wings to fly through the skies.
  • Fight for your life in the ocean, sky, and even spaceOverboard has three endless environments: from the beneath the waves to above the stratosphere—with increasing levels of insanity. Go from fending off a single shark in the open ocean to flinging asteroids into a swarm of missile-launching sharks.