Be a special kind of hero. This 16 bit style Fantasy Rougelike Strategy RPG has a team of heroes defeat creatures that torment the minds of people whose minds are wired differently. Enjoy a Strategy RPG battle system that is intuitive, yet unique to the genre itself. This game blends rougelike dungeons with strategic battles in a way that solves 2 of the biggest weaknesses both respective genres face. This results in battles that are both mind bending and have A.I that is hard to exploit. All this with the classic dungeon exploration many have come to know and love. There is no grinding in this game so make sure you spend your resources wisely. So if you’re looking for a unique yet familiar, easy to learn, hard to master, Strategy, Rougelike game, look no further. It’s a combination of various styles of RPGs put together in a way so that you won’t find many other games like it. So with that I hope you enjoy.