In an attempt to investigate into the ultimate nature of reality, a team of scientists, under the name of Microspace Corporation, develop a powerful machine in order to scale down the matter. After the first three tests on humans, in which they lost contact with the representative scientists into the so-called “Microworld”, they are going to test this machine on another human for the fourth time.

Axel has the same objective of the previous three scientists: to go smaller and smaller, trying to discover what there is at the very end of the Microworld. At the same time, his secondary goal is to try to find and rescue the scientists lost in the previous missions.

During his odyssey, from the bigger particles to the smallest things in the Universe, Axel will encounter many characters, articulated stories, and impossible environments. From minerals, to cells, to molecules, to atoms, to sub-particles, to the quantum world and beyond, Axel will experience an extraordinary adventure that will bring him toward the ultimate scientific question: why everything exist?