After the cataclysm that led to the destruction of Earth, a handful of survivors found a new home on a faraway planet. Overcoming the resistance of local forms of life, people have built cities, factories, farms… It seemed that humanity got a second chance. But the destructive war, called the Invasion, in just a few days, threw the settlers back into the past for decades. Take on the role of a commander of resistance and take a squad of Battle Mechs in the massively multiplayer game Melting World Online!

  • LEAD A FIRETEAM OF BATTLE MECHS – Dozens of types of mechs in turn-based tactical battles with a unique system of calculating damage. Use environment to defeat enemies.
  • IMPROVE SKILLS OF PILOTS – There is a team of hired pilots at your disposal. Develop their perks and skills. Earn rewards for completing quests.
  • EQUIPMENT AND CUSTOMIZATION – A huge combat arsenal. Hundreds of equipment items – weapons, armor and outfits. Combine the equipment of the mechs and use paints.
  • PRODUCTION, RESEARCHING AND TRADING – Collect materials and craft. Conduct a technology research. Catch and examine local wildlife. Trade items with other players.
  • DUELS AND ARENAS. SINGLE AND COOPERATIVE BATTLES. – Fight alone or team with up to 4 players. Compete in duels and PvP arenas.