Kill and loot chunks from enemies to win points. Get to the in-game leaderboard top spot and the Crown is yours. Keep doing what you do, you will start growing BIGGER and you unlock special King features. But dont die, and dont go passive. You will loose the Crown again. Fast. The highest scoring King daily and totally will shine as numero uno on the leaderboards.

  • 24 hour running matches. Ends daily in 24 hour loops. Globally. Anyone can join and leave whenever they wish.
  • Characters are made of blocks, which represent their health and can be collected for repairing your own character, as well as being a big part of collecting points and growing larger as King.
  • Parkour agile double jump movement allowing freedom in movement and combat.
  • Pickups, weapons and specials, are completely RNG, you do not know what you get.
  • Powerups are not RNG, you can see what you will get.
  • 3 different classes with different speed, stats and abilities.
  • Combo combat, projectiles, aoe and lasers.