How to Activate:

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The game action takes place in a medieval fantasy setting. The players get to develop their starting town with resources collected from the nearby lands, to raise increasingly powerful armies which they use to advance their conquest.

  • Starting conditions – The player begins as a lord of a small castle on a remote island. With the help of a few poorly armed fighting men, or by itself, it battles bandits and monsters, to collect resources and help the people of the island.
  • Castle Building – The castle building happens in steps, called seasons. Each season, the player gets to organize and manage the town with all economic actions taking effect at the end of each season. Season length varies based on kingdom size, with larger kingdoms having longer seasons.
  • Armies – The player builds weapons in the castle. These weapons can be equipped on soldiers trained in the barracks. It is the equipment given to the soldier that defines it’s abilities. Soldiers can wear 5 different pieces of armor and use 1 weapon in each hand. The number of items available to the player, which is initially low, grows fast forcing the player to balance the increased weapon costs with the cost of recruiting more soldiers.
  • Exploration – The player commands armies lead by lords. Initially, only one army can be moved around, on a grid based map. Moving the army reveals more territory with new challenges and opportunities.
    The large maps contain quest givers which offer missions taking place in smaller areas. These areas are otherwise hidden. Completing quests allows the player to advance deeper into the world.
  • Combat – The combat happens on a hex grid, with the units involved taking turns to act based on their speed.