This platformer with minimalistic design has simple and convenient controls, but rather difficult levels. Play alone or call your friends to play it online or by using hotseat co-op mode. But be ready for the exchange with the slaps because your «partner» is at the same time an obstacle in your walkthrough.
Luckily, the animations will allow you to express all of your emotions and feelings and maybe even reveal their true significance and purpose.

Will you be able to get over a number of challenges? Only you know that! Traps, tricks, secrets, dozens of slaps and of course mind-breaking puzzles are waiting for you in this game. Easter eggs and pencil-drawn references may wake you up with nostalgia.
After all, this game is not only a place where you can relax but also a small notebook, a diary full of our memories and own secrets.

  • High performance;
  • Online or hot seat (keyboard) co-op mode for 2 people;
  • Hats;
  • Simple visual style;
  • A lot of references and Easter eggs;