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Slay and pray, or die trying…

Scheisse! The evil LaVey Order has captured your sister Joanna and taken her to the Church of Satan to be sacrificed! Fight your way through hordes of demons and thwart the satanic cult’s plans to summon Hell on Earth! Use your agility, skill, and a variety of deadly weapons to slaughter your way through the tides of Hell and take on the leader of the LaVey Order, Behemoth LaVey. Visit different locations such as the streets of Berlin, the towering Church of Satan, and even all the way to depths of Hell in this riveting action-adventure platform.

Johann Weiss is a campy retro action-adventure platformer combining the style and difficulty of play of a Metroidvania with the aesthetics and gameplay of the early Duke Nukem games. You’ll be wall-jumping your way into Hell as a demon-killing machine.

  • Four episodes with increasing challenge and full of action
  • A challenging gameplay full of tricks, traps, and demons to face.
  • Retro-style graphics in the fashion of the first Duke Nukem games, a true homage to the old DOS action platformers.
  • Metroidvania style gameplay with wall-jumping and double jumping.
  • A badass Sound Blaster 16 sounding soundtrack