Hypergate includes a 2-hour single-player campaign, and an Instant Action mode for building your own custom battle scenarios. Instant Action can be played single-player or over LAN with friends. The campaign includes a brief, simple tutorial mission. Additional game mechanics are introduced over the first few missions.

The game includes 14 different space-based battle locations, 24 different upgrades for your ship (6 for each category: shields, guns, missiles, and coolant), 6 other upgradeable enhancements, and 3 fighters to fly. Both 1st-person and 3rd-person view are supported.

Enemies belong to either one of two different factions, and include fighters, turrets of various sizes, large cruisers, and reinforcement gates. The largest possible space battles can include dozens of cruisers and hundreds of fighters. Customer reviews for this game have stated that Hypergate’s combat style is similar to Freespace 2 or Star Wars: X-Wing.

Hypergate includes full controller, keyboard, and mouse support. Controls can be customized to suit player preference. Monitor support includes 13 different resolutions, including ultra-widescreen formats. Fly with auto-leveling, or control pitch, roll, and yaw manually. Considerable player feedback has been taken into account to provide a solid in-game flying experience.

The game also includes 30 Steam Achievements, a global Steam Leaderboard, and Steam Cloud Saves to sync your mission progress and upgrades across your devices.