For cinematic light, color and glow effects!

This product from HitFilm includes all the basics required for starting out in the world of professional film production – with a total of 15 high-quality effects.

This bundle includes the following:

  • HitFilm Channel Mixer
  • HitFilm Channel Swapper
  • HitFilm Color Temperature
  • HitFilm Color Vibrance
  • HitFilm Custom Gray
  • HitFilm Glow Darks
  • HitFilm Grain Removal
  • HitFilm Letterbox
  • HitFilm Light Leak
  • HitFilm Light Streaks
  • HitFilm Noise
  • HitFilm Neon Glow
  • HitFilm Shadows and Highlights
  • HitFilm Tile
  • HitFilm Timecode