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Happiness and joy reigned in the fairy kingdom under the rule of a wise and just king … But one night a mysterious storm broke out, after which everything changed! The king began to give strange orders, but he himself has not been seen since. Who will challenge the forces of evil and find out what is the cause of all the ills? Maybe you, a brave hero?
Go through the lands of the kingdom to the castle, solving puzzles 3-in-a-row – after all at the end of the path you are waiting for the solution of the story! Over one hundred exciting levels stand between you and the end of the story, but we know something with you that this hero will not stop it! Forward, towards a new magical adventure!

  • A unique combination: “three in a row”, battles with bosses and plot scenes
  • Various modes of the game “three in a row”, different combinations, which make the levels unique.
  • Plenty of plot cartoon scenes – only the most stubborn players can see them
  • A fascinating fairy tale as a story, the chapters of which will be opened as the game progresses
  • More than one hundred unique levels – a real challenge for connoisseurs of puzzles
  • The game is suitable for those who just want to relax and relax, and for those who like to think
  • The atmosphere of the fairy-tale Middle Ages
  • Cozy retro style made in pixel art