This bundle includes the following:

  • Extinction
  • Extinction: Jackal Invasion
  • Extinction: Ravenii Rampage
  • Extinction: Skybound Sentinel

Extinction is a thrilling action-RPG letting the players be at the forefront of humanity’s last stand against towering ogre-like invaders which have already conquered most of the realm. As one of the last Sentinels left alive, it falls to a man called Avil to stem the tide for at least a while.

  • Spectacular traversal – Avil is remarkably agile, able to run at surprising speed, scale buildings, and nearly effortlessly climb the bodies of his enemies
  • Massive enemies – the Ravenii stand a hundred feet tall, requiring you to cut them down to size before being able to deal the finishing blow
  • Distinctive visual style – despite its bleak premise, Extinction shows a world of vivid colors and stylized designs
  • Distilled progression system – all upgrades in Extinction translate to direct advantages on the battlefield, from improved jumps to removing pieces of armor in one strike
  • Built for replayability – with each battlefield being unique, challenges, and leaderboards, the game will keep you invested for a long time