Egress is a multiplayer souls-like PvP arena in a lovecraftian universe. Choose one of many characters with unique features and gameplay. Fight on the streets of Insmouth with monsters, madmen and other adventurers!
Decide who you want to support – desperate Explorers, crazy Bandits, manic Mercenaries or brave Guards!
Find powerful mystical artifacts, understand what is happening and determine the fate of this world!
But do not forget that your true enemy is sleeping in the depths of the sea…

  • An alternative universe where neon, Lovecraftian horrors, post-apocalypse and Victorian era are harmoniously combined.
  •  A detailed nightly multi-level city with many streets, houses and sewer tunnels, where deadly danger can find citizens everywhere.
  • 13 characters with unique abilities, weapons and fighting styles with their own goals in this city.
  •  Many different artifacts and consumable items that significantly change the gameplay.
  •  Hardcore combat system based on the abilities of heroes, dodges, melee attacks and collected equipment.
  •  The opportunity to play both alone and together with other players and chose both a global faction and a local group.
  •  Dynamically changing game difficulty, supplemented by waves of madness and floods rolling over the city.