Remember this Alpha version of a game, it is still in development and has not been released yet. This WILL NOT allow You to play the full game once it is out.

DOOMED MODE is an intense top-down action survival game, set on a harsh planet where your physical and mental attributes will be tested to their limits. To stay alive, you will pit yourself against hordes of alien wildlife, robotic enemies, and an intensely hostile environment.

Survival Mode
This is an infinite enemy waves survival mode with a few unique twists. Keep moving to find better weapons, ammo, character upgrades and oxygen. Earn maximum credits by keeping your score multiplier high during each wave, then decide carefully how to spend those credits between waves. Will you buy some oxygen, or get that shiny new weapon to overcome the next, more intense, wave of enemies?

Escape Mode
Battle through waves of enemies to reach the end of the course in record time.

Story Mode (Kickstarter stretch goal)
When a catastrophic chain of events causes your dropship to be shot down by supposedly friendly defences, you find yourself isolated in a hostile environment. Your oxygen is running low, dangerous creatures lurk, and red hot rivers of lava separate you from the nearest outpost.