Trapped in an ancient dungeon…
Hunted by the dead…
Your last thought is to escape…
To get out… Alive…

Are you ready for a maze of traps, monsters, and horrifying ambients?
Many riddles and horrors lie ahead.
Death is lurking in the darkness.
Watching your struggle for survival.
Watching every single move you do.
Reaching with his bony, dead hands for your life.

Will you survive?

  • An emerging horror experience in…- Seven fear infusing levels
  • Escape the undead and make it out of the dungeon alive
  • A core mechanic and general style that differs slightly from level to level
  • Countless deaths
  • An intriguing story that evolves the further you get
  • A lot of horrible creatures are waiting for you
  • Get scared a lot
  • Survive