This product includes:

  • DOA6 NiCO Technomancer Gear
  • DOA6 Nyotengu Wrestling Costume
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.1 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Happy Wedding Costumes Vol.2 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.1 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Costume Pack Vol.2 (13 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Additional Character Mai Shiranui
  • DOA6 Mai Shiranui Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)
  • DOA6 Additional New Character
  • DOA6 Additional New Character Debut Costumes (5 Costumes)

The downloadable content included in this Season Pass will be release separately on later dates.

Downloadable content not included in the list above may be released during the same period, but it will not be covered by this Season Pass 1.

All content included in this Season Pass will also be sold separately. Please beware of redundant purchases.

You must purchase the characters before using these costumes.