Procedural Pixel Art Generator!

Easily create hundreds of pixel art sprites for games or any other project, with an easy to use interface.

Build your own generation grid using pre-defined options, then start generating using the different output settings.

User has complete control over all the generation process, from the initial grid to the settings used during generation.

Includes a collection of pre-built grids to get you up and running quickly, which can be edited to suit your needs.

  • Create .crypix generation grids using the 5 procedural grid brushes.
  • Mirror the grid vertically, horizontally or in both directions.
  • Switch between Grid View, Output view and a Split Panel View.
  • Output up-to 500 sprites per re-generation.
  • Change the output preview background colour.
  • Scale the outputted sprites up-to 8x.
  • Output .png sprite in original pixel size or scaled pixel size.
  • Undo/Redo grid changes up-to 10 actions.
  • Import/Export .crypix grid files.
  • 1-bit mode for retro style sprites.
  • And much more…