In City Defense you need to protect your city from capture by enemy equipment.
To do this, you can build 3 types of automatic turrets, which have their own unique characteristics and use different
ways to destroy the enemy. But do not forget to upgrade your turrets, then they will cause more damage and continue to shoot!

Fierce battles take place in 15 unique locations, ranging from urban areas to spacious suburbs.
Many game elements, including enemy routes, are randomly generated and give a unique experience from each game.

Earn money by destroying enemies. They can buy the unwinding time to build new turrets or to upgrade old ones.
Careful study of the features of locations and types of enemies will teach on the move to make the right decisions.

  • “Rewind” time ago! But it only works on enemies, and you will have time to destroy them!
  • Create unique turrets to defend your city!
  • Different levels of difficulty
  • 22 types of enemy vehicles with their unique characteristics