Two wizards plan to perform a ritual to revive witch Laura, who died thousands of years ago but must sacrifice a witch in the ritual, so one day Luana and Solarys decide to sledge away from the castle and the witches kidnap Luana’s sister to sacrifice her and make Luana unconscious in the woods, her dragon friend wakes her up and the two go on an adventure to rescue Solarys

  • With the character Luana can use a magic weapon and can change the type of bullet according to the progress in the game.
  • Solarys character teleports, flies and sends magical flames, which follow enemies
  • There are too many secret items in Scenarios
  • Gameplay experience changes by character
  • epic battles against bosses mythological and witches
  • Pixel art style in almost the entire game
  • There are several special commands to perform and make the experience more fun
  • gameplay changes on some bosses especially the final boss
  • A narrative-focused single player adventure