Bouncy Bob 2 is a crazy couch co-op game for up to 4 players.
Choose one of 12 different characters. Customize your color and get ready for the ultimate bouncy bobbing.

  • Tower Challenge – Take on this single-player challenge to become a bouncy hero! Try to complete all arenas on highest difficulty!
  • Arena Mode – Compete with your friends or computer players in this open mode. Up to 6 characters on one of 14 arenas for the ultimate chaos!
  • Swarm – Survive a zombie swarm! You can try fighting alone but co-op with a friend will give you a much better chance to get a great score.
  • Blender – All this fighting made you thirsty? Time for a smoothy! In this mode, your job is to cut as many fruits as possible. And as always – invite a friend for a chance of a better score!
  • Volleyball – This mode is for volleyball enthusiasts who like to swing their swords on a sand court.