This bundle includes the following:

  • Base game Battlefield V
  • 13 Primary Weapons – Ag m/42, Boys AT Rifle, Commando Carbine, Lahti-Saloranta M/26, P08, M1922 MG, Tromboncino M28, MAB 38, Modèle 1944, Mk III, Selbstlader 1906, VGO, ZK-383, Kbsp wz. 1938M, S2-200, Panzerbüchse 39, M1935 PG Rifle
  • 4 Vehicles – Stug IV, Archer, JU 88C, Mosquito FB Mk VI
  • 2 Epic Soldier Outfits – Double Down, Baron Von Zorn
  • 10 Weapon Skins – White Tiger (Ag m/42), Napalm (Bren Gun), White Tiger (M1922 MG), Napalm (M30 Drilling), Napalm (Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I), Napalm (MP 40), White Tiger (Mk III), Napalm (STG 44), White Tiger (VGO), White Tiger (ZK-383)
  • 4 Vehicle Skins – Stug IV vehicle skin, Valentine AA Mk 1 vehicle skin, Spitfire Mk VB vehicle skin, JU 88C vehicle skin

The best way to join Battlefield™ V. Experience WW2 as you’ve never seen it before with a vast arsenal, including a catch-up of all weapons and vehicles delivered across year one of the Battlefield™ V Tides of War Chapters. Stand out on the battlefield with the most popular weapon and vehicle skins released during the year and customize your Company with two Epic soldier outfits.