Aries puts you in the head of a mighty space empire in a dark galaxy! Lead your empire through the campaign map and take command of your armies and fleets in the battle maps. With three planned factions at launch each having unique abilities, troops, and tech Aries will keep you engaged through many playthroughs.

  • Campaign Map – Here you will make war and peace, direct your armies movements, and manage the solar systems you command. Through careful planning and shrewd diplomacy, you will be able to paint the heavens with your colours. Aries features an extensive tech tree that will allow you to develop your technological, military, and civil might.
  • Land Battles – Once you arrive at a system bringing it to compliance is no small feat, you will need all of your skills as a commander to conquer this new territory. You will be presented with an option of missions you can launch against a system to increase your control of the system if you are victorious. Beware the garrisons of systems as they will not be easily removed from their homes! During the defenders turn they can launch missions to try and weaken the invader’s grip on the system and even throw them back into the dark depths of space!
  • Space Battles – When moving your armies to conquer or defend systems, your army might be engaged by enemy forces in the depths of space. In space, you must trust in your mighty warships. During the space battles, you will need to outmanoeuvre and out firepower your enemies to conquer the void. Space battles are deadly, and if you have focused on your ground troops to much, you might be better retreating and attempting to find a way to outmanoeuvre the enemy forces. If you have a great and powerful space fleet, then use this to deny your enemies an opportunity to land their troops and strangle the life out of their empire!